We are very excited our first album Power has been released. This is an album built around the theme of "power" and the many ways it is abused. Power to control the behavior of others. Power to punish for victimless crime. Power to manipulate the attitudes and beliefs of people. Power to exercise judgment and marginalize those outside the norm. Power to impose dogma, religion, morality, and election results. The power of the church, of the state and the police. Our society so often rewards "doing things right," it can be hard to alternatively "do the right things." Blind obedience does great harm. Bureaucracy grows and eventually becomes more powerful than elected officials as we drive toward goals that are no longer the right ones. We become consumed by "the momentum disease" and keep doing it because that's the way we have always done it. Indoctrination by the media, by school textbook, and by prescription drugs. So many signals telling us to be normal; to be like us... Believe instead of investigate. Consume instead of create. Obey instead of question... Fear is the enemy that tears us down. Security is the need for which we sacrifice so much. How will we keep our institutions from consuming us, the humans they were meant to serve? What will increase in our future; freedom, happiness and creativity or control, interdiction and compliance? Will Hey Siri turn into Hey Big Brother?