Music for Truth Seekers


As a musical group, we seek to expose truths and cross musical boundaries by exploring dark themes fused with rock artistry.

Our latest single, “Puritans” which is out now, was fun to write because it allowed us to explore the theme of people seeking to deceitfully control the behavior of others "for their own good." This noble conceit ends up being the justification for terrible acts, like witch burning, maiming humans, the Inquisition, jail sentences for consensual crime, and missionary zeal that leads to cultural destruction. 

Musically, the song developed from a major 7th pattern our guitarist Kurt Barabas played on the guitar that led us to a minor 9th sequence that just seemed big. On the chorus, we were shooting for a lovely church choir sound as the well-meanings voices reflect on the "virtue" of their beliefs that crush others, but only for the "right reasons". Last, but certainly not least, we integrated a funky vamp-outro that we all just loved playing. "Practice what you preach" sort of sums up the whole lyrical theme of the song.

You can watch and listen to “Puritans” here.